Beer School

What’s beer school? We’re glad you asked.

Jubilee’s Beer School is a fun way to learn more about craft beer.  It’s an interactive class where you get to see, smell, touch and taste your way through the wonderful world of good beer.  We’ll give you enough info to help you appreciate and enjoy beer more, but we’ll stop short of turning you into a bona fide beer geek.

Beer School is like a private tasting at a winery, only without the pretentiousness.  With barley and hops on the table, we’ll talk about how four simple ingredients combine to give us hundreds of styles of beer.  We’ll walk you through why certain beers taste the way they do, and you’ll learn how to pick up on some of the main flavors of craft beer. We’ll do this of course while drinking several different types of beer.

Interested in doing something a little different for your next party or staff outing? Email for more information on scheduling Beer School.

Rumor has it Randy also does beer school. In case you want to do something “real nice”.