Jubilee Taco Truck Tour

November 15, 2010

It’s time to get your taco on.  We’re not talking about Rosepepper or even Mas Tacos…no, it’s time to venture out onto Nolensville Road and determine which Taco Truck is the best in town(or at least on that stretch of Nolensville Rd).

A few months ago, four of us brave souls/idiots ventured out onto Nolensville Road and ate a taco from all 11 taco trucks between Old Hickory and Thompson Lane.  It was awesome and disgusting.  We unanimously decided on the top four in town, and those are the ones we’ll be checking out.

Here’s the details:

11:30 AM, Saturday November 20th- Meet at 12 South Taproom*- over a Jubilee we’ll hand out maps, explain the scoring and divide into teams

12:00 PM(ish)- We’ll caravan to Nolensville Road and begin the goodness

1:30 PM(ish)- Return to 12 South Taproom, drink Jubilee and declare a winner.

Jubilee T-Shirts will be on a ridiculous sale for $10 to all Taco Truck Tour participants. Tell your friends, bring your neighbors…it’s going to be fun.

No entry fee…just pay as you go (that way you only pay for food/beer you want).

*Please park on the street if you’re not driving to the Taco Trucks

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