Male Pride- Keg Tapping

June 5, 2011

Why is it that every guy out there thinks he’s an expert in tapping a keg?

As soon as a keg needs to be changed, it’s like we’re all taken back to senior year of high school.  6 or 7 of us gather around, watching whoever is trying to prove he still “has it” fumble around with the tap while we offer to take control.

With keg properly tapped thanks to Neil at Yazoo, we were able to convert some light beer drinkers at Taste of Music City

Add me to that mix of donkeys.

Yesterday at Taste of Music City I rushed over to show our volunteers “how it’s done” when we finished our first keg.   With d*ck swinging in hand, I took the tap, cranked up the handle and went to work.

In a scene from a Will Ferrell movie, beer erupted from the keg like Old Faithful.  It went straight up into my eyes, covering my face and dousing my shirt.

“Need a little help, Mark?”

Once I could see again, I looked up to see Neil from Yazoo sitting in front my booth, trying not to laugh.

Undeterred, I tried again.  Same result, slightly less beer on me.

“Winning” cracked one of the volunteers.  “Winning”

At that point Neil mercifully took the tap handle and tapped the keg.  Apparently you don’t pull the handle and crank it up, as that opens the keg without a seal.  Lesson learned.

I quickly left to use the restroom and find my pride.

When I returned, I vowed never to be “that guy” again.

So fellas, repeat after me, “it’s okay not to know how to tap a keg.”

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